I'm Caleb Jenkins

The graphic designer and creative director behind Caleb Jenkins Studio.

I specialize in using traditional techniques and bold layouts to craft timeless designs that embrace the imperfect human touch everyone can relate with. Pulling inspiration from my home state of Virginia and its rich agricultural history, my attention has always been towards the great designers of mid-century America who created branding works meant to live on something other than a piece of paper. When I pick up an old burlap feed sack or a beautifully designed box of copper rivets, I can't help but think of the humanity that was involved in creating work that has stood the test of time. 

Despite having the newest technology at my fingertips, I always find myself reaching for a pencil and sketchbook before anything else whether the final design calls for clean and refined edges or a rough patina. I use the natural roughness of hand drawn design or the classic boldness of corporate logo marks to forge honest and timeless pieces that are unique from the time pencil hits paper until the last file is saved.

I use this process for nearly every design I make and every logo I create. Custom lettering and illustrations are a staple of my work, and they help set every brand I work with apart from the rest while knowing their logo is rooted in classic design that works just as hard as they do.

When not in the studio, I spend my time taking photographs of the same landscape and area that influences my design. My primary focus is to document life today and the ordinary scenes that make it what it truly is. While I use my iPhone just as everyone else, I have a true passion for film photography and always have a film camera on hand.