The must know:

My name is Caleb and I'm a photographer, brand designer, and self-proclaimed modern day explorer. I was first introduced to photography at a young age, often times traveling to the local photo lab with my mother to drop off rolls of film and pick up processed negatives and prints from previous journeys. Since then I've come to appreciate the medium as a miraculous tool to preserve memories and showcase the great outdoors.

I don't view exploration in the traditional sense most people romanticize about. Sure, finding new places and journeying to remote locations fits the bill, but I view exploration more as a learning experience and as a goal to work towards. Reading, hiking, and illustrating are all forms of modern exploration to me. Everyday I try my hardest to learn new things and find new perspectives on traditional ideas.

I'm dedicated to using my photography and design to promote conservation, personal growth, and the ideal of finding things in this world that truly matter and hold substantial value.

Virginia is where I currently call home, but I'm available for photography and branding work worldwide regardless of location. If interested in working together, please reach out to me here.

To get better examples of my photography and writing, please view my Instagram feed.

Other random bits:

I listen to entirely too much Led Zeppelin (just kidding, that's not possible).

I love cereal more than any human being ever should.

I share a birthday with Alfred Hitchcock and the Berlin Wall.

Articles & Interviews: